Learn The Vedas: Yoga Basics

If you are an Indian, you may be well aware of the Vedas as these were the concepts that shaped human history. They play a vital role in shaping the early form of yoga. So let’s learn the Vedas. These texts were used to carry some important messages that were related to philosophy and spirituality. There are very few people who actually know that world yoga has an Indian origin, and it is derived from Sanskrit language. Sanskrit language carries the word yoga and convest the meaning of union or joining something which simply means joining all the mental, physical and spiritual capabilities. The purpose of doing so is to maintain the balance in life, also close to yoga karma.


The Vedas are comprised of four different texts, namely Rig-Veda, Sama-Veda, Yajur-Veda, and Atharva-Veda. It is important to include all of these texts when discussing the Vedas. If you need perfect yoga mats, please click here, continue for learn the Vedas topic below.

During ritual sacrifices and ceremonies known as yagas and yajnas, Vedic mantras were used to promote the betterment of individuals, society, and the world. These ancient texts are the oldest in any Indo-European language and they contain the foundational principles of yoga, which is described as a “discipline” and “yoking.” The Vedas established the spiritual and philosophical groundwork for the development of both yoga and Hinduism. Read further for learn the Vedas.

So in this article, our main purpose is to learn the Vedas, study the concept of yoga as it was expounded in the Vedas.

The Origins of Yoga in the Vedas

As we have already discussed, the composition of these ancient attacks in the form of the Vedas is not the fruit of the modern world. We have obtained this information that was composed between 1500 BCE and 500 BCE.

Here it is interesting to mention that the word Yoga does not originally belong to doing physical effort. Instead, the main purpose of doing yoga, according to the Vedas, was to maintain spirituality and best mental practices. However, after the deep research and organizing the concept of Vedas into further schools of philosophy. For instruction on practicing prana yoga, go here.

Learn The Vedas

The Vedas introduced a range of practices, ideas, and concepts, including an ancient version of yoga and one of the world’s most extensive and diverse spiritual philosophies. These teachings resulted in the emergence of six main schools of philosophy, known as Darshanas, which systematically embody the fundamental concepts laid out in the Vedas. These Darshanas include Nyaya, which focuses on logic; Vaiseshika, which analyzes the universe; Samkhya, which categorizes the universe; Yoga, which seeks union with the Divine; Mimansha, which interprets the Vedas through rituals; and Vedanta, which explores the nature of the Self.

Let’s study the six schools of philosophy in detail.

Six schools of philosophy originated from the Vedas texts

  • Samkhya: It is an old Indian concept that the composition of the universe is based on the major components and those are cautiousness and matter. The roots of this School of philosophy originate from this concept and it clearly describes the purpose and goal of yoga. According to this school, if you want to explore the true nature of yourself, you will need to achieve liberation.
  • Nyaya: Logic and reasoning is the base of this School of philosophy. Basically, this concept tells us that we should make the use of yoga to enquire about ourselves and make the habit of questioning everything.
  • Yoga: When it comes to achieving spiritual enlightenment through exercise and mental practices like yoga, this School of philosophy gets its origination. Basically, it does not directly focus on maintaining the physical being. However, the main purpose of this school of thought is to establish a great connection between mind and body.
  • Vaisheshika: Metaphysics and ontology are the base of this School of philosophy. It was the ancient concept that says that the six fundamental substances constitute the whole universe. These fundamental substances include earth water, fire, ether, air, and consciousness.
  • Mimasa: This school of philosophy is focused on the interpretation of the Vedas and the rituals and practices associated with them. It teaches that the goal of yoga is to achieve liberation by performing the prescribed rituals and practices with devotion.
  • Vedanta: This school of philosophy is focused on the interpretation of the Upanishads, which are a collection of texts that expound the philosophical teachings of the Vedas. It teaches that the goal of yoga is to achieve liberation by understanding the true nature of the self and the universe.



The Vedas are a collection of ancient texts that date back thousands of years and have had a significant impact on the spirituality and philosophy of India. An early form of yoga is one of the many ideas and concepts that are elaborated on throughout these texts. Yoga, which derives its name from the Sanskrit word for “union,” is a spiritual discipline that aims to unite one’s body, mind, and spirit into a unified whole. There are six primary schools of philosophy that sprang from the teachings of the Vedas. Each of these philosophical systems took a unique approach to comprehending the nature of reality and the human predicament. We may develop a more profound appreciation for this age-old and life-altering practice by first familiarizing ourselves with the fundamentals of yoga as they are described in the Vedas.

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